Friday is for Flowers

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like flowers?  Nope? I didn’t think so!!

For me there is no occasion when flowers aren’t the answer. They brighten up any space. They can look elegant, messy, colourful, classic, styled, rustic, natural. You can leave them growing in the garden or cut them for your home, arrange them in a vase or build them into a flower cloud (or crown👸🏼). Hell, you can even decorate food with them - need I go on?

Each Friday on my instagram (@fieldhouselondon) I am going to share with you some accounts I love of florists, gardens, floral displays and all things green and flowers. I hope you love them as much as I do.

I always say to my husband that when we grow up and get our proper house (LOL, I’m 36 and we already have a house which I’m very grateful for and happy in) that I want to be way more self sufficient. I want a garden that I can grow flowers and veggies in, maybe even a little orchard (who do I think I am?!!). But I just think pottering around outside and helping the planet at the same time would be rather wonderful. Let's face it we need to be doing all we can right now to preserve our beloved home for the future generations. I do have a few herbs and potted flowers dotted about at home now which haven’t died yet so a whole garden full is achievable right?!!  

Right, I'm going to sign off and sit with my face in the sun for ten minutes. I hope whatever you have planned this weekend you have fun and stay safe. 

Until next time, 

Anna x

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