Flowers: Real v Fake

I adore flowers and for as long as I can remember I have loved arranging them, placing them perfectly to show them off in all their glory. Having worked as a wedding florist on so many special occasions over the past decade, flowers to me are what sets the scene of the day. They tell the story of the couple with their colour palette and make any venue feel infinitely more alive. To me, real flowers have a certain magic to them, the scent and feel of a single flower can fill me with joy for hours.

In no way has my love for real flowers diminished but over the past few years I have become the biggest fan of faux flowers. If you’d have asked my opinion of faux flowers even five years ago, I would have dismissed them out of hand. The market seemed to be littered with shiny, plastic options which looked cheap and nothing like the flowers they were supposed to be. But over the past few years I have discovered high quality, glorious faux flowers that are so realistic it would be hard to tell them apart from their real-life counterpart. Aware of the stigma associated with them but hoping that I could change minds and demonstrate their worth I started selling them in the shop in 2019. I arranged stems into bouquets and proudly displayed them in vases. Once people could see how good they could look interest spiked and they started to sell. From single stems to large floral bouquets each customer would leave, thrilled with their purchase. My own home is full of faux arrangements, brightening up cosy corners and sitting proudly as focal pieces in a number of rooms. They are low maintenance, with malleable stems that allow you to position them just so and their everlasting nature make them a clever, stylish choice. From a large faux display on a kitchen island to a small bouquet on a coffee table they really give a room that extra wow factor. In my opinion, good faux flowers are worth investing in because not only do they look fabulous, but they last. And for seasonal blooms like peonies that have such a short season but that are a standout favourite, what more could you want than a replica that you can swoon over all year long?


The sentimentality of flowers and my total love of them is what led to the idea of replica bridal bouquets. What better gift to a loved one (or treat to oneself) than faux version of a bouquet that was chosen with everlasting love in mind? But it doesn’t just have to be bridal bouquets – whatever the occasion, I can create the perfect arrangement for you. Just drop me an email with a photo or description of what you are looking for and away we go on a journey of flowers and lovely memories.

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