Cornish Milk Mineral Paint: the coolest furniture paint around

We are proud to announce that we now stock the wonderful Cornish Milk Mineral Paint. As the first London stockist we are over the moon to be promoting this awesome brand with its brilliantly sustainable approach to paint production.

The paint is amazing and with low effort produces stunning results. We recently took a little road trip down to St. Agnes, Cornwall to visit the founders Joe & Reece who held a small workshop for us to demonstrate just how easy this paint is to apply and how easy the preparation is to do. The colours they have created are to die for and if that hasn't got you chomping at the bit, all cleverly designed packaging is biodegradable and the paint is vegan. The minerals used are all sourced from Cornwall and all production happens in the U.K. 

Honestly, what more could you ask for in a furniture paint?

We will be adding to the current stock as these brilliant men add to their collection over the coming months so watch this space. Also, keep an eye out for details of workshops in our Earlsfield store to help you on your merry way to creative, colourful furniture restoration!! 

With Love,

FH x

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